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"Katie Werner, Receivable Solutions,
has been my insurance
department since June, 2003.
She took on a formidable task
when she not only billed my
new billings but had to sort out
the mess left by the previous
insurance biller. She has been
perfect. She not only bills out
accurately and quickly but follows
through. Organized and
methodical, she can keep track
of all my patients accounts.
She knows what is
outstanding. She recalls details
about patients accounts
and talks to me regularly both
by phone and email.
I would recommend her without
reservation. She is fair and
professional and a delight to be
associated with. You may contact
me with any concerns or

Debra Young, DPM

Podiatrist at Lincoln Park Podiatry

"I have been using Receivable Solutions for several years now and I am very satisfied with all of their help.  Katie and her team are determined to help their clients get paid even from the trickiest insurance billing situations.  Several of my clients have also informed me that when they had a billing question, Katie and her team were very helpful and accommodating to their needs as well. They also generate reports to accommodate my needs and send out statements to my clients instead of me having to do the work.  They have saved me hours of time so I can focus more on making my practice more successful and creating a better balance in my life."

Lisa Collins LCSW 

"Katie is amazing! In need of any billing solutions for you practice do not hesitate to call her. Kept my billing and collections running smooth and headache free"

Dr. Timothy Wasmund, Chiropractic Physician

I have worked with Katie and her team at Receivable Solutions for approximately the past three years.  She has been an invaluable resource in not only capitalizing on my ability to bring in income, but handles intricate billing issues that I do not have the time to manage when building my practice.  As a therapist it has never been my strength dealing with the conflicts of getting payment and Receivable Solutions handles this with grace and espect for my clients that helps me maintain rapport.  I can not emphasize enough how many times I think how grateful I am to work with Katie and the professionalism she provides not only to my clients but the education she provides myself and my practice.  I could not be more satisfied and am glad I put my trust in Receivable Solutions.

Jennifer Nichols, LCPC

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